When I recommend Lee to my friends, I could tell them that he is the most knowledgeable physical therapist I have known. He is a problem solver who gets to the real source of my pain and works from there. This allows me to actually heal and progress. What I tell my friends, instead, is that I have gone to 6 physical therapists. Four of them were old used Volkswagens, one was a nice new Ford, and Lee is the Mazarati of PT...a rare combo of quality and performance.
– Carolyn B.

Before I first started seeing Lee Carman for my chronic back pain, I had spent years trying different approaches with limited success. Lee found the underlying causes of my pain, and developed an individualized treatment program that has allowed me to make real progress. I am once again able to work, exercise and enjoy an active life. I have referred friends to Lee, who have all been helped by him as well. I strongly recommend him to others.
– L. D.

Plain and simple, Lee saved my life. I suffered debilitating back pain and had seen 3 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, tried several types of alternative treatments (massage, acupuncture, dry needling, the Egoscue Method). Even the neurologists, physiatrists, and anesthesiologists were unable to figure out where my pain was coming from. Lee took the time..and had the knowledge…to figure it out. I was scared I would live the rest of my life in pain, but now I am back at work, back at the gym, and am pain-free.
– Gail F.

Lee Carman is an amazing physical therapist and pain solution guru. He has a gift that few professionals have – he understands the human body and chronic pain and will help you manage or completely eradicate your pain. Because of pain from surgeries for breast cancer and also some disk damage, I had seen several pain specialists, neurologists, chiropractors and physical therapists. Lee was the first person who explained to me why I was having pain and how we could work together to resolve my pain issues. In addition to Lee having a deep understanding of how to resolve pain issues, he is also a terrific listener – he addresses both the mental and physical aspects of pain! Lee is so wonderful that I gladly drive from Colorado Springs to Denver to see him!
– Nancy S.

Lee Carman brings to the treatment of chronic neuro-muscular pain a combination of professional experience and knowledge that is remarkable in its breadth and depth.
Twice I injured myself and twice he alleviated my pain so that I could return to normal physical activities. I recommend Lee to anyone with chronic pain problems that either persist after surgical and/or pharmacological treatments or that have been diagnosed
as unrelated to causes normally dealt with by those methods.
– Alan A.

Due to a childhood back injury, I have spent years going to physical therapists. I had seen 14 therapists by the time a friend finally sent me to Lee. He helped me instantly
at the initial assessment appointment and did not leave me in pain. That is the only
time in my life I have been assessed by a physical therapist and not been stuck in bed for two days to recover! Lee's knowledge of anatomy, body movement, and his willingness to research and keep up with progressive treatments that really work, has saved my life. If you are in pain and really are ready to get well, you cannot find a better therapist for the job!
– Merri M.